Colored resin to bring harmony to different floors and spaces.

ADVICE: Stone is, and will always be more beautiful than fake parquet. If you don’t have the budget, don't opt for an affordable laminent. Just a buffing and the colors and the vains will come back to life in surprising fashion. 

   In this restyling the main subject was TO BRING HARMONY TO THE DIFFERENT FLOORS, to give fresh and a new character to a dated environment . The budget was not high.

    I arranged the desks in a line and thought of a new lighting system that could be more functional and decisively more welcoming than the old neon ones.

      The space is from the 70’s and has different marble floors in every room. It is an office, a location frequented also by clients, a place in which it is very important to welcome people. And for me "to welcome" means to make a space beautiful where it is pleasant to stay, open and full of light.

   The front office didn't need all those doorways, nor all that furniture and those lights.

   I have ELIMINATED THE UNNECESSARY, creating an ambience continually more feasible, taking the frames out from the doors, the old file cabinets and excessive decors. Every opening has a DIFFERENT COLOR, across a frame of color, each one accompanys you from one space to the other. 


The space changed immediatly with a new atmosphere full of color and light.