A resher style throught a mix of new and old elements.

ADVICE:  Try to imagine furniture that surrounds with other colors. Is it really the moment to throw them away?

  In this restyling the principle theme was to transform a room from the 70’s into a fresher and brighter one, mostly adapted for a young couple. Walnut wood furniture with moulding and inlay work distinctly outdated. I used white enamel to paint all the pieces and three different colors to differentiate the decorations: Lemon yellow, violet, and turquoise.

  The WARDAROBE was a rather long and specialized job, but once done it’s restyling was faster to work on the other pieces: the frame of the DRESSER 's mirror was particularly damaged, which is why I decided to eliminate it, simplifying it all. The old knobs were substituted with simpler wood elements. I then painted them in different colors depending on  whether they belonged to the NIGHTSTANDS or to the dresser. Also the tops were treated with different finishes. 

  The PARTITIONS of the room have been painted white with the exception of the one behind the wardarobe. 


  The final result is a MIX OF OLD AND NEW ELEMENTS, but that through a palette of  accurately studied colors that speak with each other to perfection.